36V14A Scooter Replacement Battery


Product information:

Battery model: 36V10A-10S3P
Nominal voltage: 36V
Charging voltage: 42V
Typical capacity: 14Ah
Minimum capacity: 9Ah
Rated power: 600Watt
BMS rated current: the discharge current of different ports is 30A, and the charging current is 5A
BMS function: overcharge, overdischarge, overcurrent, short circuit protection.
Connectors: Tplug for discharging and DC5521 for charging
Output voltage range: 28V-42V
Discharge cut-off voltage: 28V
Charge cut-off voltage: 42V
Charging method: CC-CV
Maximum charging current: 5A
Charging temperature: 0-45°C
Discharge temperature: -10-60℃
Storage temperature: -20-45°C (3 months)
Cycle life: 80% DOD after 500 cycles
Size: 300*66*38mm (±3mm)


The battery pack does not have a communication cable. If your electric bike primary battery needs to communicate with the controller, that battery cannot be used to replace the primary battery. It can only be used to extend the battery

Packing list:

Scooter replacement battery*1

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