Compatible with Apple , Magnetic USB Cable Charger


Non-Apple branded products,Compatible with iPhone models


Ten generations of product features
1. Eliminate the problem of short circuit and magnet loss of the old magnetic line
2. Apple chip plus ESD protection, withstand voltage 20V, anti-surge, anti-backflow, short circuit protection, over current
3. The old magnetic wire POGOPING pin structure is changed to the new magnetic wire slot type connection structure, which greatly reduces the contact resistance and does not generate heat when used.
4. Type-c supports fast charging of all mobile phones, and there is no compatibility problem.
5. The new magnetic wire does not need to be paired, and the wire and the head can be separately packaged and shipped separately.
6. The new magnetic data cable is made of high-quality materials and has a stronger texture.


Material: aluminium alloy + nylon braid + tinned copper
Cable length: 1m  
Weight: magnetic head 10g, one line and one head 20g, packaging bag 5g
Current: 3A; voltage: 9.0V

Applicable models: iPhone, Micro, Type-C
Function: device charging, data transmission 
(type-C up to 3A, Android Apple 2.4A)


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