Household Battery Electric Mosquito Swatter


Product information:

Material: HIPS+Stainless Iron Mesh+Aluminum Mesh+Electronic Components
Rated voltage: 3 (V)
Rated frequency: 50 (HZ)
Rated power: 3 (W)
Packing type: blister card
Color: blue, yellow, green, red, black

Product specifications: 46*18cm

Instructions for use:

1. Please install two AA batteries in the battery box before use.

2. Hold the handle firmly, press the switch button to turn on the power, turn on the power and be ready to kill any insects at any time. When catching insects, be sure to keep the switch button pressed firmly.

3. Outer protection net, there is no numbness when touched, but it is not recommended to touch. Do not touch the inner net, you will feel a slight vibration when you touch it.

4. The killed insects can be removed from the electric mosquito swatter by brushing or shaking, and it is forbidden to wash with water.

5. When the sound and blue flash of the mosquito are faint when hitting the mosquito, the battery power is low, and two new AA batteries need to be installed to resume normal use.


• Please do not squeeze the net surface of the electric mosquito swatter with your fingers.

• Please do not use electric mosquito swatters near flammable gases and liquids.

• Please do not use water to clean the mosquito swatter.

• Please do not insert metal objects into the middle of the mesh to play.

Packing list:

Electric mosquito swatter*1

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