Lithium-ion Battery Pack For Electric Bicycle


Product information:

Battery type: 18650
Single cell voltage: 3.7V
Combination: 13 series 3 and
Nominal voltage: 48V Input voltage: 48V Output voltage: 48V
Capacity after combination: 20000mAh (20Ah)
Battery size: 238*68*65mm (may have 10mm error) 3*13
Outer packaging: blue PVC

Battery Charging Requirements:
1: requires a special lithium battery charger.
2: Charging voltage: 48V
3: Charging current: greater than or equal to 5A

Battery Discharge Requirements:
1: Output 18 wires, 200mm long, one red and one black
2: Input lead wire lead out 2.1 long 200mm
3: rated discharge current: greater than or equal to 10A
4: Maximum instantaneous current: 40A
5: Maximum operating current: 13A

Packing list:

Battery pack*1

Product Image:

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