Mountain bike lock electric car lock


Press the lock cylinder directly to the end, and the lock will enter the alarm state at the same time. The alarm can be released by opening with the key. It is necessary when the alarm sound is too low.
To replace the battery, first unscrew the four screws at the bottom and remove the upper cover to replace it, but you must be careful not to install the positive and negative poles of the battery reversely.
Note: It is locked on the disc brake and the screws cannot be removed.
The lock received three vibration warnings to show warning. The car owner will not report to the police during the process of unlocking, and the alarm will stop after the lock is opened.
Special note: Everyone may be afraid that the electronic products will not be waterproof. This alarm lock has a better waterproof design, rainproof and waterproof.
If there is a water leak during use, causing the alarm to fail, the shopkeeper promises to return it, and the alarm lock hits the metal
Vibration is very sensitive. This is based on actual design, so when you try, you just shake it with your hands, which may not trigger the report.
Police, it’s recommended to lock it to the car for a test. There will be a delay of about one second after the alarm is triggered. Just touch it when you try.
You can hear the alarm after one second, which is not the reason for the dullness.

Weight: 500g
Size: 9*7*3.5cm

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