Scooter Electric Vehicle Lithium Battery Pack


Product Information:
Rated voltage: 24V
Input voltage: 29.4v
Output voltage: 21V ~29.4v
Battery capacity: 30Ah
Mesh size: 130*58*68mm
With protection circuit: charge and discharge, over current, short circuit protection and other functions.
Packing: blue PVC
Battery Requirements:
1: your lithium-ion battery charger; Dc direct current;
2: Charging voltage: 29.4V
3: Charging current: below 4A
Battery discharge requirements:
1:150 mm long, red and black
2: DC 5.5 2.1, 150 mm long
3: Maximum instantaneous current: 60
4: Maximum operating current: 45
5: Built-in rechargeable battery

Packing list:
24 v (29.4v) 30Ah battery string contains BMS x 1
29.4v charger *1

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